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2019 Legislative Session – “Welcome to a Wild Session”

“Governor Charges into Session Enthusiastic, Ambitious and Ready”

Our State’s Legislature started the 2019 long session yesterday with quite an opening session. Legislators are predicting this to be a “Wild Session, wilder than most”. There have been over 400 bills pre-filed as of Tuesday’s opening, with over 1000 to be filed before the end on March 16th. 

If you’ve never witnessed a day at the capitol this time of year, it is definitely worth the trip.  Each day brings a different mix of our wonderfully diverse population to the circular capitol building known as the Roundhouse.  This year promises to be one of the best in at the last several years. 

Democrats swept every statewide office Nov. 6, and increased their margins in the state House of Representatives by 46-24. In the senate, Democrats are expected to maintain a 26-16 advantage. But some of the most powerful members are fiscal conservatives from rural areas. It’s unclear how much common ground they’ll find with Democrats in the House, where there’s been an influx of new lawmakers from metropolitan areas.

As the process moves forward, NMLTA will be there every step of the way.  We will send out weekly bulletins every Thursday, timely legislative alerts, and will maintain a running list of all legislation affecting our industry.

To get a summary of the Governor’s remarks yesterday, click here.

As always, we welcome input members may have about the process. You can contact our lobby team through the Association office.  NMLTA's Executive Director Patty Padon will be spending substantial amounts of time in Santa Fe during the session on your behalf.  Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or concerns by emailing her at

As the session progresses, NMLTA will be there every step of the way. We will send out weekly bulletins, timely legislative alerts, and will maintain a running list of all legislation affecting our industry.

Click the link below to view the Legislative Tracking Sheet, which we update daily.


If our short summary of a bill is not enough, you can select the link to the state’s legislative website ( to analyze legislation in more detail.  You can read and download the text of any bill; see when it will be in a committee hearing, learn about the sponsor; and much, much more. Just type in the bill number listed on our summary (i.e., HB210), and prepare to be informed!


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