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According to the NMLTA Bylaws, the Association shall have three classes of Members.The designation and qualification of the Members of such classes shall be as follows:

Agent/Underwriter Membership is available to any firm or corporation within the State of NM which is licensed as a title insurance agent by the Department of Insurance, or that is qualified to do business as a title insurer.

Associate Membership is available to any firm or entity within the State of New Mexico which is engaged in any business related to real estate, including financing, surveying, appraising, etc.

Membership Applications can by downloaded here:

Prospective Members must complete an online Membership Application.

Upon approval of the new membership by the Board of Directors, the applicable annual dues must be paid, either by check or online payment through PayPal.

Annual dues are $300.00 for Associate Membership. Annual dues for Agent/Underwriter Membership for an Agent or Underwriter company for the first year are $500, and for each year thereafter are on a sliding scale as determined by the Board of Directors.

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